Monday, October 23, 2006

Chocolate Dipped Dry Fruit Chikki

It has been a tradition of giving and receiving gifts on diwali. Most people give or take sweets or dryfruits as gifts.
As we receive dryfruit hampers as gifts on Diwali I thought of making dryfruit chikki, which is healthy, tasty and easy to prepare.

1. Badam 4 oz(approx. 1 cup) (Roasted and chopped)
2. pista 4 oz(approx. 1 cup) (Roasted and chopped)
3. cashew 4 oz(approx. 1 cup) (Roasted and chopped)
4. jaggery ΒΌ cup (grated)
5. kesar-few soaked in milk
6. ghee 2 big spoons.
7. Semi sweet chocolate bar(7 oz) - 1

1. Grate jaggery.
2. Put grated jaggery and add ghee in a kadai, mix well and melt nicely to a fine paste.
3. To this add kesar, badam, pista and cashew nuts & mix well until the mixture leaves the sides of the kadai.
4. Spread little ghee in a tray and pour the dry fruit mixture and spread evenly,
roll flat to 1 cm in thickness
5. Cool it and cut into squares cool it.
6. Grate the chocolate and melt it on a double boiler. Double boiling is very easy - take the chocolate in a glass blow and put it on boiling water to melt the chocolate.
7. When it melts dip half of the chikki in it. Put it on a parchment paper. Dry it and store it in a air tight container.

This is my first entry for JFI: Diwali Treats hoasted by Vee of Past, Present and Me.

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Anonymous Vee said...


I love the idea of chocolate dipped chikki!! Wow!!!...

Thank you for participating!!

Did you mail me the entry and the photograph? I have had a couple of missing mails so just asking. Mailing ensures entry into round up

1:05 PM  
Blogger Hyderabadi's said...


I did send u the mail. If it is missing please let me know.


4:23 AM  
Blogger Menu Today said...

I prepare chikki with sugar. Is it possible to cut when its cool...
Thanks for sharing.

6:21 PM  
Blogger Hyderabadi's said...

You have to make deep marks for the chikki to cut into squares when it is warm.
Thanks for visting the site.

4:33 AM  

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